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Trail gear rear disconnect

For Sale 17 Jun 2014
Have one trail-gear rear disconnect mounted on t-case but never run/installed in vehicle. Plans changed and no longer need rear disco... New about $700 $500 with your back of t-case (to Put mine back to stock) Located in Boise Idaho Sent from magic wish granting phone
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Pitbull maddog radials for trade

For Sale 17 Jun 2014
Looking to sell or trade 38 x 1350 x 16 RADIAL maddogs 80+ % tread Only trade I'm willing to consider is a set of 5- 35x12.50 15 radial tires, need basically new tires for this trade to work. (Rims would be great as well as I'm selling/trading rims with tires) The maddogs go for 477 EA...
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Bonners Ferry area?

Lumpdog's Lounge 05 Jun 2014
Just got word that the wife and I got the house in Bonners Ferry we were shooting for. We move in after the 13th of this month. Anyone live or wheel in or near the area? I know of Moyie mud bogs just north but looking for more trail riding then just the one area twice a year.
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ITTC '14 Information & Updates

This year ITTC '14 will be on September 20, 2014. Where:  Optimist Park ~  Mountain Home, Idaho Once again, ITTC '14 will only be open to a total of 40 competitors. Closed registration is now open to all WWOR members, last years top 20, and the past years Champions....
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samurai body parts

Wanted 28 May 2014
I rolled my sami while playing ultra4. So if anybody has doors and a windshield frame give me a call. Thanks 339-4sixsix3 tony
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What, When, and Where...
Idaho Tuff Truck Challenge 2013
Optimist Park
Mountain Home, ID

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Open registration: August 1st through September 1st
- We will close registration when the maximum of 40 competitors is reached

Cost for registration is $35.00.
Commemorative t-shirts will be available for an additional $15.00 each.

The Competition... will consist of 5-7 events throughout the day, with points awarded for performance in each event. The overall points leader at the end of the day will be crowned the Champion. Details are still being worked out, but the events are currently:
- RTI Ramp
- Mud Race
- Obstacle Course
- Tow Test
- Rock Crawling Course

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OffRoadIdaho.com is headed to KOH 2013!...

Yup, you read that right!!  KOH is on !!  

Check out this links for more info!!
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We should be on the lake bed Tuesday afternoon before the race, and will be wheeling while we are there!  

I'm not sure where exactly we are going to camp yet, but it's on!

For those of you that haven't been, you are missing a great time and I encourage you to go!  I know lots of Idaho wheelers will be headed down to either race or watch, and most of all wheel!

So, who else is headed down?

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Welcome everyone to Idaho's brand spanking new off road forum!!!  Register, post, read, enjoy and most of all wheel!!

Thanks for checking us out!!

So, what is this site all about you may ask??

Well, it's easy, this is a site run by Idaho 4x4 enthusiasts for Idaho 4x4 enthusiasts!

This site is the culmination of several interested wheelers that wanted something new and something local.  We wanted a site that was not just focused on a specific 4x4 sport, but rather, a site that focused in on all that Idaho has to offer us wheelers!

OffRoadIdaho.com is a work in progress.  Myself (lumpdog) and FrozenZJ  are the site owners and administrators and we are working hard to build a site that is fun, easy to use, and most of all works better with your mobile devices and interacts with the social communities you frequent most!

You will see a lot of differences from the forums of old.  There are so many cool things this site will let us do that we never had the ability to do before, so take some time to familiarize yourself here and I think you will pleasantly surprised.

We are working everyday to make things better and work out the kinks, so bear with us as we make changes and fine tune the site over the coming weeks.  Make sure to leave us some feed back under Site Stuff in the forums as well.  Tell us what you like, what you don't like, what works, and what isn't! We will do our best to respond.  Both myself and FrozenZJ have full time jobs, and this is really a hobby for us, so keep that in mind.

But most of all, our hard work and this site is for YOU!!  Our Idaho 4x4 community is alive and strong, and hopefully with the help of OffRoadIdaho.com will once again be the great community it once was!  Thanks for stopping in!

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Using CO2 for some On Board Air

Having an air source out on the trail can be very handy. You can run air tools, pump up tires, blow up rafts, reset blown beads and anything else that needs a source of air. There are a few ways to get an air source on your rig and this article will talk about using a Co2 Tank as a source for on board air.

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Champion Generator Review

We had just picked up a new camper and needed a generator so we could rough it like cowboys but with the A/C and the TV on. I took a look at the generators at the travel trailer dealer and about had a heart attack after seeing the $2,000 price tags (and up) that were there. Most of those generators basically use a lawnmower engine with an alternator (a big one) and some circuitry to change the generators output to 120V at 60 Hz. I just couldn’t see spending over two grand to get one. Maybe we would be like cowboys, well, cowboys with a travel trailer that is. So I started looking around at the options. What I eventually came across was the Champion line of generators.

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Warn M8000 Winch Review

There is always a long list of things that you can add or do to your 4×4 that will make it a more capable off road machine. But what happens when you hit the limits of your rig? You get stuck in the middle of nowhere is what happens. So you can either bring a shovel (you should anyway), or you can bring a winch.

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